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Distinguished Psychologist Publishes New Book Inspiring Parents and Children to Communicate through Thick and Thin

Dr. Muriel Kennedy’s Heart and Soul: Learning to Communicate Through Thick and Thin explores the challenging relationships between parents and children Washington, D.C. PRWEB) June 25, 2006 -- Book one in a three part series, Dr. Muriel Kennedy’s Heart and Soul: Learning to Communicate Through Thick and Thin, offers creative and effective solutions to help parents and children improve their communication skills and their relationships.

Rather than fall back on the standard how-to outline of “Follow A and B to achieve C”, Dr. Kennedy tells the story through Jamaal, a young adolescent who resents his mother for the structure and discipline she enforces on him. Through his eyes and heart, and with the support of the author’s lyrical fictional narrative, the boy’s complex and sometimes heartrending interactions with his mother are revealed. Through their dialogue, readers ultimately gain insight into hope, love, forgiveness and most important, faith.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in clinical psychology, Dr. Kennedy seeks to help parents and adults better understand the challenges that youth go through as a result of loss, separation, disappointment and abandonment. Her unique and compelling book, Heart and Soul: Learning to Communicate Through Thick and Thin, is guaranteed to stir up conversation and encourage readers to heal old rifts.

For more information, please visit, or for a free review copy, you may contact the author at email protected from spam bots or toll free at 1-877-4Jamaal. Heart and Soul: Learning to Communicate Through Thick and Thin is available for sale online at,,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author Dr. Muriel Kennedy is a clinical consultant in Washington, D.C and an adjunct professor at Howard University, where she received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. A devout Christian with a passion for motivating others to reach their God-given potential, she is deeply committed to bringing about positive change in the lives of urban youth and their families.

Dr. Kennedy’s writing is inspired by her extensive work in individual and family counseling, particularly working with inner-city youth. Dr. Kennedy’s motto for life is “with faith, trust and belief in God all things are possible...For to be spiritually minded truly is life and peace.”

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